Vahlbruch Kaluna (2020)

The ultimate tube overdrive!

Vahlbruch Kaluna (2020)

A real hype has developed around the new Vahlbruch Kaluna in a very short time. And quite rightly so! We have never heard such a natural sounding overdrive before. The heart of this 100% analog pedal is an ECC83/12AX7 tube, which gives the sound a natural compression and rich overtones The necessary high voltage is generated in the pedal itself, so the Kaluna works with a standard 9V power supply. In addition to the drive and volume controls, it has a very effective three-band EQ that allows you to shape the sound from blues and classic rock to metal. The Kaluna has convinced us so much that we now use it for our demo videos and we are very happy to be the base dealer for this exquisite overdrive from now on.

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