Gibson DG-335 Dave Grohl Gold Metallic (2014)
Trini Lopez meets Foo Fighters! #169 of 400
Gibson Les Paul 1959 CC#9 "Vic DaPra" Believer Burst (2014)
Sound, Look, Aging on the highest Level!
Gibson Les Paul 59 Tom Doyle Time Machine Relic (2014)
#11 with Tom Doyle True-Clones PAF's !
Gibson Les Paul 59 Collectors Choice CC#17 Louis (2014)
Highlite from the CC Series!
Gibson Les Paul 58 CC#28 STP Montrose Burst (2014)
Jackpot for all Montrose CC#28 Fans
Gibson Les Paul Joe Bonamassa Skinnerburst Aged and Signed #3 (2014)
Tone and look reference!
Gibson Les Paul 1957 CC#12 Goldtop Henry Juszkiewicz (2014)
She's got the look and sound!